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Prolegomena means a preliminary discussion. A prologue. Forged by a years worth of fine tuning and foddered by hard won struggle and conflict, Prolegomena is made up of eight bombastic tracks of braggadocio and championing witticisms. Buttressed by thumping and celebratory beats, nicoroc's lyical prowess and heartfelt delivery render a promising future and lucid present.


released January 14, 2012

Produced by N.Bazzoni
mixed by Z.Rice
mastered by Z.Bourne

*Light and shadow mastered by Joe lambert Mastering
*Other States produced by Josh Patch
*Party Star produced by Zack Rice

Cover design by Marcus Hedgepeth
Photo on cover by Bianca Sanchez



all rights reserved


nicoroc Brooklyn, New York

Nicoroc is a hip hop artist, born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. His stellar lyrical boasts combine an antagonism with a street smart bravado culminating in a sound and style that is singular. Nicoroc succeeds in organizing a maelstrom of metaphor and clever simile that bind cohesively amidst a cannon of robust and joyfully melodic beats. ... more

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Track Name: Party Star
cant be king my head too big the crown will never fit
i elicit ill shit and if ever it hit
keep the flame on like the devil lit it
like street cred they never get it
when i spit
the make like bananas and split
there not on my radar
oh there they are blip!
to me they refer (reefer)
im the prefered pif
i stay flowing this is beethovens fifth
get where he got?
you need an epoch
dont step where he stopped
that a deep drop
knowledge like the book of enoch when the beat bop
wiping the florr with them
i dont need a mop
dont know where to begin
i think i need help
but everytime my record spins another needl melts
now im getting right nightly
f a deal ill only kneel when the knight me
im not married to the game
thats just wifey
swooped her off her feet
like she took off her nikes
better switch blades if ya trying to knife
thats dicey
cuz your bout as sharp as a skype feed
my life light speed
but to me it looks like tai chi
cotton mouth
like i ate a white -t
i stay behind these bars you gotta kite me
slight me?
ill cry crocodile tears

party star, clowns know ill get the last laugh
harddy har
flow tighter than saudi law
chance to advance
smaller than barbie bra
party star
clowns know ill get the last laugh
harrdy hargh

they cant forget it i amnesia
flow make em lean
like the tower out in pisa
im a man of leisure
ease ya
no im not a goalie
every gir l say
he's a keeper

there all spitting the same ditto
did over
if hip hop is dead
i am a widower
apart from being in mourning
im a party star clowns know ill get the last laugh
harrty haugh


rappers dread me already
i dont need lox
my glass is half empty
cuz my drink dropped
they eant to get in the cypher
but i bogart
they call war the theater
you play no part
you should wash your watch
your timing stinks
going up against the mind that designed the sphinx
its a sign
they should sign em
ill sign it the dude
spend the rest of my time
sighning boobs
last thing i heard from her
was a breathless yes
my ell got missed calls
like ai bribed a ref
if we were 80's bands youd be in deep shit
cuz id be guns and roses
your a cheap trick
flow so water
i make the sea sick
you know im bringing the heat
there calling me slick
apart from being in movies
im a party star
Track Name: Light and Shadow f. Sabrina Cunningham
All i see is light...and shadow

sex with Hester Prynne
she changed the letter on her sweater to N
Im a trip
shining with a light life did its best to dim

all i see is light... and shadow

Im running this shit but these laps are lonely
and i bet that they never give me crediit
like i'm cash only
heres a toast its your last sip slowly
cuz every time that i dose its an o.d
you crazies get the picture then say cheese
i'll still keep my cool like A.C's
and the crooks opening up the books lately
well make it like the nineties page me
when i ask for the cash they get cagey
ill spell out where to send it out
f.u pay me
bout to get hot like its june
i am insane need a padded room
all hands together like its noon
when i speak they decease
my voice box a tomb
take it right to em
make your life ruin
casue only lightning likened to em

sex with Hester Prynne
she changed the letter on her sweater to N
Im a trip
shining with a light life did its best to dim

All i see is light...and shadow

Im in the cellar no one home upstairs
im letting em breath
so their giving me aires
bout to go on a rant bout the things i cant stand
but after all the weed and the drinks i cant stand
im lighting up trees like its christmas
fighting off fleas from my shitlist
they cant wear me out
im a misfit
admit it
no we aint alike
not a tidbit
5 number code
ill give you the middle digit
leaping over you toads
i told you ribbit!
i put em to the test
like a litmus
harder than someone with a lisp saying isthmus
they aint really ill
they just play sick
my dreams a shot of 151 i gotta chase it
i dont drop a rhyme
more like i place it
outside of space and time
not adjacent

sex with Hester Prynne
she changed the letter on her sweater to N
Im a trip
shining with a light life did its best to dim

all i see is light...and shadow
Track Name: Mr.Mir
so solar mr mir
flow found a home yea its cozy here...

lets go!

somewhere where nobody could peer
we could flirt covert baby shhhhhhh
over here!
new height im over the fear
when there talking bout the money cant help but overhear
yea excuse me for eavesdropping
gotta mind the banks like Maire Poppins
nothing new just hubris on looseleaf
the nuke leak fallout like loosteath
flow turn key burning the ignition
there sleeping on it
like im a decision
my catechism
cause cataclysm
call it capitalism
my rapine isn't
for the faint of heart
brain full of fatal thought
boulevard of broken dreams
cant find a space to park


Mami in a corset
body like a corvette
she wooed but she warned me
that she wound me like a war vet
love the entree
what about the parfait?
eat it beat it up
either/or yup!
when i kick it
its laces out
im so solar
im all spaced out
i circumvent call me circus tent
cuz everytime im in the room
there's an elephant
you know im game till the whistle blow
kiss of death
there goes a mistletoe
everything looking sunny
yea im Mr.glow
but the flow poison bell biv devoe


yea im a light heres some rays
and if its too bright heres some shades
when im beaming toward better wear a visor
there coming up short like there 5' 4''
the sky lit
double of the dosage
trip through the cosmos
by osmosis
light the desert up like Bugsy
flow feeling at home yea it comfy

Track Name: Life like Wow feat_ I double
whats your lifestyle
whats your lifestyle
i live it llike wow
whats your lifestyle
if your gonna get it
then you better live it
right now

life like wow
f c k baby lemme buy a vowel
kids teen wolf trying to bite styles
i dont like your tone you should dial it down
if they go ape
i always go kong
they cant see me like what hit the pentagon
always in rare form
i just took life never aksed to be born
livin life loco
no i dont know right from wrong
mic feel right in my palm call me calm
cause evertime iwrite
its right before a storm
dont know why the playthe hero when
there all zero once ya zero in
im akin to any movie
young deniro was in
nick the ruler
im nero to them


lifestyle full of woes
but im chillin though
focused on getting doe
this bitch fend to blow
like a thousand bombs
cool like the fonz
please believe i let my nuts hang like saddam
pardon the insensitivity
thats what this lifes been to me
lost in the sea
of this mofuckin world baby
that the lord gave me
thats why im half crazy
they say the meek shall inherit
was born in a world where
the meek shall perish
im me
discreet and the beef i cherish
wont know victory
till ya live below average
grab life by the horns
dodge hazard
love my lifes up and downs like a marriage
all these vows i made to you
how bout you just say i do

Track Name: Other States
im in it everyday
from NY but im puffin on the LA
hey reaching out to other states
im reaching out to other states
ima do it my my way
if im not in bk probably MIA
im reaching out to other states...

If the oracle right
ima die a boss of course
only time your math right
when your counting a loss
its the intercontinental kid
countdown to launch
i dont ghost wirite
but every night i haunt

the kid dark like sidhartha
im wuite a departure
i fancy myself an author
im concieted ima be honest
ill do a remix
with more of me on it

poet laureate when i lean o nit
and no im not nice im mean on it
call my dick star treck when they cling on it
sing a song with it
its kareoke time!

but if not then show me a sign
you know im a good catch baby
throw me a line


and i dont gossip
but i knows whose whom
and i dont got shit
but i own the room
not a flower child but im goin to bloom
its oppenheimer time
ive been known to plume
so give some room
i give life dead bodies exhumed
and its not even noon
shouldve been one of gotti's goons
burp you babys teach you how to potty too
draped in gauze
my face scarred like face of mars
all i hear is applause
bout as subtle as an apes massage
reaching out to other states
i create the mirage


i am non complacent i ace this
had the itch since 86 till its 86'd
no sleep stay up like fake tits
sweat for that bread till my money stinks like pits
cant get the odor off me its attracting flies
2 door pull off like alladin
oh my my
get a load of this guy
laughing all the time
like i got poaked on the side
now im grinding bobbing weaving wilin
nah not even
im just breathin talent
im leading the league in styling
i got that chutzpah that jous no se qua
boriqua mommy shake that body say mi gusta
im a calm her sooth ya
with my karma sutra
yea i wanna move ya cmon

Track Name: Pot head Op-ed
this is my
pot head op-ed

sleeping on me but your girl thinks im dreamy
in fact when it come to rap im a deity
wonder why they cant see me
like stevie
if its on your wish list better rub a genie
back from the grave like the kid the crow
one life for another
quid pro quo
you know its a rendition
get em to gitmo
you know there listening in
big bro

this is my pot head op ed

inviting him in good for ya like a vitamin
laying down tracks for america like chinamen
i don't hang around you dicks like a hymen
going hard when they call time in
flames thrown till the name known
flames spit till the name stick
and to my lewd she skips
hey what do they call ya?
your looks could kill
lemme be your culprit
my sermon thrill like im on the pulpit
and im so well versed in it
that there saying that boy cursed
no shit

this my pot head op ed

your record was the rage
went out and copped it
what age ya gonna tell your style
it was adopted
foster flows
imposters know
i dance with wolves
Kostner knows
when the money stack tall
acquire stilts
now im getting my stripes
tigers ilk
juice the big apple
my cider spilt
beside my self with survivors guilt
next time i pass and you mock this man
hope i got a wad of cash in broccoli band
get my poop on
if you ask my advice
they shouldn't put me on
ill only add vice
living two lives
like my mother had me twice
lady luck blew on em
before i threw the dice
brains up in smoke
want my name up in lights
wisdom of the sage
like i came up with christ
if your whats the craze then i feel sane
forget a page
our library aint the same
rap gommorrah
no sodom
you withdraw
what i deposit a problem
there trying to get fly but i swat em
i have ta im afta the ring like im Golem
and it aint no toss up
i got em
pot head op-ed
your the gossip column

this is my pot head….
Track Name: Ghost Chaser feat_ J.B
Life is a knife and i hold it by the blades end
designed for flight
im the broken winged raven


psychic,despite i relate to cavemen
erudite glyphs of light
from the amazing maven


evolutions what im breeding
success is the cause
set the pace
yes im leading
best believeing
im the best so believe in
in I
i risk flow dirty catch a sty quick
cancerous mouth
catch the virus
i rip wuick
mc's that wanna try this
barry bonds with girls
chances are that i hit
no guessing i set sail
sinking battleships
no 50/50 catch me at the 40 40
letting bottles
drip da drip
like drugs in the IV
four times the mc i be
chance of falling off
direct opposite of likely
verses always in my head
India Irie
square root of pi
do the math
you cant divide me
ghost chasing
im the phantom come find me
i live lively
they walk blindly



dismiss me as if your interest piqued
but vie evolved
like a finches beak
suffer from insomnia
i never ever sleep
anhedonia renders the endeavor incomplete
she's not dead
she just miss the mystique
floral re arranger
i breach her boutique
sub marinal
im peering through a periscope
this here sincere
hope it aint in varicose
reign in a new era of hysteria
his insignia threatens there agenda
by the end of the addendum their
incensed and intensely defensive etcetera
but at this high an altitude
i don't gotta adapt to the ingratitude
tackle truths
but such is my aptitude
exhale intel that apples used
very similar to
the indiginousness
of a didgeredoo
your listening to
the prince of vicissitudes
amidst being transfixed
in a visceral mood

Life is a knife and i hold it by the blades end
designed for flight
im the broken winged raven
Ghost chaser
Psychic despite i relate to cavemen
erudite glyphs of light
from the amazing maven
Track Name: Asking Why
people should be asking why